Even BTS’s J-Hope Fell For Suga’s Flirting Techniques

Not even Suga’s members can resist his charms, and this proves it.

BTS‘s Suga has charmed millions of fans around the world, but one of these fans is much closer to home!


In 2018, BTS kicked off their Love Yourself world tour, which will be ending in Bangkok on April 7. At every concert, each member performed a solo song. Suga’s “Seesaw” solo quickly became a fan favorite. This 9-second clip from BTS’s Berlin concert went majorly viral last year, and it currently has over 45 million views!


In the clip, Suga captivates his singing audience without even saying a word.


Suga’s charisma in “Seesaw” is so strong…


…that even J-Hope fell for him!


In this clip from BTS’s Love Yourself in Seoul DVD, Suga’s “flirting” takes J-Hope totally by surprise. He laughs, then says, “Why am I getting goosebumps from Yoongi-hyung’s flirting?”.


Fans are loving this adorable “SOPE” moment…


…and Suga stans can definitely relate to it!