BTS Fans Say Suga Is “Husband Material”, And J-Hope Agrees

There’s no end to his talents on stage and at home.

From his caring personality to his domestic talents, fans say BTS‘s Suga is the ultimate husband material!

Suga and J-Hope

In fact, ARMY can’t help wanting to propose to him after seeing how well he treats his members. Plus, he’s a pro at cooking, organizing, and other at-home skills that are highly desirable in a life partner.


On Weverse, a fan declared Suga “Number 1 husband material” after seeing him sew. “Number 1 husband material, Min Suga,” they wrote in the caption. “who is sitting quietly and sewing.” 

Many ARMYs commented on the post, and so did Suga’s Number 1 Fan, the man who puts the “HOPE” in “SOPE”, J-Hope!

haha this hyung haha sewing really suits him

— J-Hope

In reply, Suga wrote, “I’m actually good at sewing.^^”

TL DR; ARMY knows, J-Hope knows, Suga knows, we all know he’s husband material!


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