BTS’s Suga And Jin Have Such Different Fashion Styles, But That Makes Them The Best Subunit

AKA Black-Pink in your area.

BTS‘s Jin and Suga have long been soulmates — whose brotherhood has become bound even tighter with their latest shared love for fishing — but when it comes to fashion styles, they stand on completely extreme ends.


For one, Jin is well known for being a baby-pink addict. His closet is largely comprised of pink-colored items — and he looks soft and super UWU in the color.


On the other hand, Suga is a master at dressing in monochrome. He makes use of his all-black items to create an effortlessly stylish vibe that is so unique to him.


So inevitably, when these two come together, it’s a clash of two worlds.


They are dark vs. light.


They are chic vs. soft.


They are charismatic vs. adorable!


Even their AirPods are color-coded accordingly…


… as are their microphones.


And ARMYs have come to playfully nickname this pair from extreme opposite ends of the color spectrum…


… the “Black-Pink” unit of BTS! And they are very, very worthy of your stan.

Source: THEQOO