Fisherman Suga Was Struggling, But Jin Didn’t Even Notice

Cameras captured a hilarious Jin and Suga moment during their vacation.

When you’re struggling, your friends will help you out…right?


While on vacation, BTS shot vlogs to show fans how they spent their free time. Jin and Suga‘s vlogs take ARMY on a fishing trip that began late at night and continued through the next day.


In Jin’s video, he described fishing as a battle with himself. Suga could definitely relate!

Fishing is like a battle with myself.

— Jin


Here Suga can be seen standing behind Jin, struggling to reel in his line.


He looks over at Jin (for help?)…


…but Jin is completely oblivious to the situation.


Neither Suga nor the camera operator clued Jin in, so Suga did the only thing he could do: he kept fighting this battle with himself by himself!


Watchthe vlog here: