Suga Knew BTS So Well That It Impressed The Members

Suga knew what the members would say!

BTS know each other extremely well, and they even sometimes get impressed by how well they know each other!

BTS’s J-Hope

One time, Suga impressed his fellow members with how well he knew them.

BTS’s Suga

BTS once played a “synchro game” where they would be given two choices, and they would try to say the same answer. One of the questions they got asked was, “Dogs or cats?

| BTS shooky kookoo/YouTube

Every member said dogs, except for RM, who laughingly gave an ambiguous answer.

| BTS shooky kookoo/YouTube

J-Hope thought that Suga chose cats, but Suga actually chose dogs since he knew that the other members would pick dogs.

| BTS shooky kookoo/YouTube

After Suga said this, the members were quite impressed!

| BTS shooky kookoo/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!