The Middle School That BTS’s “Sugar” Attended Proudly Exhibits Framed Photo and Description of His Accomplishments

The principal also put up an English version for all the international ARMYs.

Recently, multiple photos taken at Gwaneum Middle School in Daegu began circulating on Twitter along with the caption, “This is the middle school that BTS’s Suga attended, and this is what the school principal hung up.

On what looks like a school bulletin board, the school hung up a framed photo and description of Suga and the formation of BTS.

The description includes information such as Suga’s name, age, agency, as well as how the group BTS came about.

What draws particular attention is the old photo of Suga from back when he was I middle school that shows just how adorable he looked when he was younger.

In addition to that, the school added a thoughtful touch by also hanging up an English version for all of Suga’s international fans around the world.

The principal even added a cute mistake by spelling Suga’s name as “Sugar” in the English version, which fans can’t help but chuckle at.

According to the Twitter user who shared the photos, the principal also installed a TV in between the two frames and plays BTS’s “No More Dream” and “Bangtan Bomb” on it in between classes.


Source: Dispatch