Once Again, BTS’s Suga Proved He Can BS His Way Through Anything

Facts? He makes them up as he goes.

If BTS‘s Suga wasn’t an idol, he could be a lawyer. No matter what the “case” is, no matter what the facts are, he can always BS his way to victory!


Whether it’s changing the rules to suit his needs…


…or making up facts to match his condition, “Suga logic” reigns supreme.


The best part about “Suga logic” is how believable it seems. Suga states his arguments in such a matter of fact way that his illogical logic seems logical, at first.


In the behind the scenes for Episode 5 of Bon Voyage 4, Suga said that he would place a log vertically in BTS’s campfire. Unfortunately, he ended up dropping it to avoid getting burned.


As RM pointed out, the log was clearly lying down, but Lawyer Suga said that’s just a matter of perspective!


Suga’s “self-justification” has scored him another “mental victory”!


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