BTS’s V Won’t Be Getting Presents From Santa, According To Jin

Jin the Grinch shot down V’s Christmas wish.

BTS‘s V has been a very “good boy” all year, but according to Jin, he won’t be visited by the jolly, fat man in red!


In the latest behind the scenes for Bon Voyage 4, Jin, SugaRM, and V got into the Christmas spirit by singing car-aoke carols — in September.


Their version of “Jingle Bells” had more mumbled “la la las” and sound effects than lyrics, but that’s what makes it Bangtan-style!


When Suga mentioned the missing letters to Santa BTS wrote years ago, V brought up his Christmas wish.


A gift from Santa? If anybody deserves one, it’s V. He’s been on the Nice List his whole life! Jin’s inner Scrooge, however, said that ain’t gonna happen!


“There’s no Santa,” Jin said, bluntly. Um, ouch?


Parents of small children may want to keep their kiddies away from Jin the Grinch until the holidays are over!