BTS Never Received The Letters They Mailed Themselves, Here’s What Happened

After 3 years of wondering, fans finally know what happened to these letters.

What happened to BTS‘s Bon Voyage Christmas letters? After three years, ARMYs finally have the full story.


In 2016, BTS aired season 1 of their travel-reality show, Bon Voyage. In one episode, BTS wrote Christmas letters to themselves while visiting Santa Park.


These letters were supposed to be delivered to BTS by Christmas Day, but they never arrived. The letters mysteriously vanished, and ARMYs never knew what happened to them, until now.


On April 21, BTS hosted a Q&A at their Aladin fan sign. They answered questions submitted by fans, including one about their missing Bon Voyage letters.


Jin and Suga explained that they had all mailed their letters, but somewhere along the way they got lost.


Jimin accused Santa’s elves, who were responsible for the letters, of lying, but they weren’t the ones to blame. Suga joked that “people with fake noses” were responsible for the mistake!


He explained that there was construction going on next to the land of the elves, which caused the letters to be lost.


BTS’s letters are still floating around somewhere, so here’s hoping that Santa’s elves will find them one day. Until then, check out more entertainment moments from BTS’s fan sign, like Jungkook‘s K-Drama, starring BTS!

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