BTS’s Suga Once Introduced ARMY To His “Lover” …And We’re All Totally Jealous

This moment is iconic! 😂

Sorry, ladies! BTS‘s Suga is taken…kind of.

He once spontaneously revealed his “lover” to ARMY during a Bangtan Bomb.

While backstage during a music show, he brought up the sensitive subject…

I’d like to introduce you to my lover.

— Suga

…and the big reveal did not disappoint!

This neck pillow right here!

— Suga

Suga was obsessed with his super comfy neck pillow that he purchased at the mall for 30,000 KRW (around $21 USD).

It was a must-have during BTS’s down time and in between their busy schedules.

He demonstrated to fans exactly how he uses it…

…and the results are one satisfied customer!

Watch the full hilarious video below!