BTS’s Manager Sejin Trends After Attending An LA Dodgers Game With Suga

His fans showed him lots of love.

BTS‘s trusty manager, Sejin, became a trending topic after he was spotted with Suga at a baseball game.


Suga and Sejin attended the LA Dodgers vs Atlanta Braves game that went down at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. During the game, LA Dodgers’ Ryu Hyun Jin achieved his first shut out since 2013.


On May 8, Suga and the LA Dodgers both tweeted about Suga meeting Ryu Hyun Jin after the game. News of this spread like wildfire, but they weren’t the only ones getting attention.


Thanks to ARMYs, Manager Sejin trended at #1 in the US on Twitter! He has become so beloved by fans that he even has his own fandom…


…and fan art!


Many fans see Manager Sejin as a fatherly figure for BTS, so it’s no surprise that they enjoyed seeing him spend quality time with his “son”!