BTS’s Suga Recently Got A New Hobby… And He Got “Hurt” Due To It

Suga laughed while revealing this.

BTS‘s Suga recently revealed that he got a new hobby, but he also laughingly shared that he got “hurt” due to it!

BTS’s Suga

Suga recently held a live broadcast in celebration of his birthday, and during it, he shared that he’s been playing games! Specifically, Suga has been playing League of Legends.

Suga played this game when it first launched around 10 years ago. However, he didn’t play it for that long.

Suga started playing the game again, but he was surprised when he saw how mean people were!

When Suga was playing a game, people would talk about their difference in skills in the game!

Suga laughed and said that he was “hurt” by these comments.

Suga also mentioned that the game had changed a lot since he last played and that his hand speed was different. Due to all of this, Suga didn’t do so well when he recently played League of Legends.

Hopefully, Suga wasn’t too bothered by these comments!

BTS’s Suga
Source: Naver Live


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