BTS’s Suga Is Okay With You Calling Him Oppa… Because He Has His Own Rules For That

(Screams yoongi-oppa)

First, let us define oppa. This term, oppa, means “older brother” and is what younger females can call older males. So then, practically, for BTS‘s Suga to be an oppa, we would have to had been born after March 1993.

Alas, some of us missed the timing by one, five, twenty too many years and were born far earlier than 1993. Does that mean we can’t call Suga our dearest yoongi-oppa? Would it be so wrong? WOULD IT BE SO WRONG?

Fortunately, for the conflicted ARMYs, Suga once clarified his own set of rules about this affectionate term. Though at first, he got cheeky with the older ARMYs who kept calling him oppa regardless of their ages…

Am I really your oppa though? Really? Let me hear you call me oppa.

— Suga

… he soon claimed:

Yeah, don’t feel bad about it. When you like someone so much, you want to call them oppa or nuna, right? That’s how that works.

— Suga

And with that rule down, Suga has since been oppa to all ARMYs — older and younger. He still stands by this “If You Like Me, I Am Oppa” rule…

Fan: Why is Yoongi not older than I am? I can’t call him oppa T-T Please write something that would make my heart drop though.
Suga: Call me oppa.

… and so do ARMYs!

  • “Oh man, he made my heart race.”
  • “Min Yoongi says all the right things, lol.”
  • “Oh? Then, Yoongi oppa I love you!”
  • “Wow…… I’ve been bias wrecked AF with this…”
Source: THEQOO