Old School Mates Share Some Hilarious Stories About BTS Suga’s Childhood Days – Even The Moment He Got Sulky Because Of His Classmates

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Before the boys of BTS were the mega stars they are today, they were just normal students like many fans around the globe. Classmates of BTS’s Suga once shared various anecdotes from his elementary school days – and some are absolutely hilarious.

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1. The time he was sulky because of his classmates

Apparently, during elementary school, “his teacher promised if everyone was on time, she would play a movie during math lesson instead. Everyone had come to school early, but only Min Yoongi (Suga’s real name) was late. So, the kids were cursing and Min Yoongi was sulky so he didn’t even eat lunch“. Sounds like a relatable school episode!

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2. The time he rapped in class

Another anecdote revealed that he “was Min Yoongi’s childhood friend. Min Yoongi was going through puberty and he was rapping in front of me. The lyrics were something like, you stole my heart so you’ll be in jail for 10 years, my name is Min Yoongi, your name is “mine”, stuff like that.” His rap lyrics now is a sure upgrade from his er, creative liberty back in school!

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3. The time when he took this photo

No one knew what was going on but they managed to dig up this old photo anyway.

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4. The time when he had to write a message to his future wife

As an exercise in high school, they all wrote their ideal types and a word to them. Suga wrote, “I will tell a kind girl this – please take care of me.

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What a colorful childhood he had! We’re sure it contributed to making him the great singer he is today.

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