BTS’s Suga Once Said Hiphop Does Not Have Aegyo… Only To Prove Himself Wrong

Bbooing bbooing.

Yes, BTS‘s Suga is one tough cookie — his unconquered charisma left us all breathless in the newest BTS comeback trailer “Interlude: Shadow”.


At the same time, he is one cute meow and he knows it! He once charmed ARMYs with his fiercest aegyo-attack — at their 4th Muster fan meeting in 2018.


He first told ARMYs that “hiphop and bbooing bbooing don’t go together” because, naturally, such ferocious rappers as Suga himself would not have any aegyo to spare.

Let me tell you what. Hiphop does not bbooing bbooing…

— Suga


Immediately following his statement though, Suga sprang from his seat and unleashed the greatest aegyo of all aegyos in the world:

But I do — bbooing!

— Suga


It drove ARMYs in the house absolutely wild…

Peep peep peep peep peep peep.

— Suga


… as well as his dongsaeng members watching!

You know I lived with that hyung for 8 years now… This is the cutest I’ve seen him.

— RM


And though Suga said hiphop doesn’t, it clearly does come with a side of UWU. This is going to keep coming back to us — to remind us that Suga is, when he feels like it, sugar sweet.

When you’re ready: