BTS’s Suga Once Made A Savage Statement About RM’s Snoring

RM’s snoring once had a lot of the members shook.

BTS‘s RM tends to snore when he sleeps, and this has caused his members to make some savage statements about his snoring.

When BTS guested on Cultwo Show, Suga made quite the savage statement about RM’s snoring.

During the episode, a fan sent a message that said, “Apparently, RM’s snoring while he sleeps is really loud. Please tell us how severe it is!

RM then shared that his snoring had gotten better over years and that it wasn’t as loud as it used to be.

Suga decided to speak a bit on RM’s snoring and shared that when the other members were younger and heard RM’s snoring, they thought a “tank” was passing by.

However, it’s not just the other members who get surprised by the snoring, as RM admitted that he sometimes gets surprised as well.

Here’s the full video below!