BTS’s Suga Once Thought His Dreams For BTS May Not Come True, But They’ve Just Achieved The Last One

These weren’t easy goals, but they still managed to do it!

Suga shared his dreams for BTS in an interview two years ago—and it’s safe to say that all of them have already come true! These aspirations may have seemed impossible and far-fetched to many people, but the boys were able to prove them wrong.

Here are the five goals that Suga had wanted with all his heart and can now proudly say he’s achieved!

1. I want to rank No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart

The Billboard Hot 100 is the industry standard record chart in the United States. Because of its reputation, artists from all over the world aspire to top it, and BTS was able to do so with their latest single “Dynamite”!

2. I want to rank No. 1 on Billboard’s 200 Chart

Before they went on to top the Hot 100 chart, BTS got no. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart a whopping four times. The first time they ranked no. 1 was in June 2018 with Love Yourself: Tear, followed by Love Yourself: Answer in September 2018. Their album MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA, released in April 2019, also topped the chart. MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 was their fourth album to claim the top spot.

3. I want to go to the Grammy Awards

The Grammy Awards is a prestigious awards show that recognizes achievements in the music industry. BTS became the first K-Pop group to perform at the Grammys early this year. After the global success of “Dynamite”, they recently revealed in an interview that they wish to have a solo performance on the Grammy Awards stage, and that an award would be a great bonus.

4. I want to go on a Stadium Tour

Not many people can say that they’ve performed in some of the biggest stadiums in the world, but BTS is one of them! They’ve even sold out stadiums that can seat 90,000 people.

5. I want to become the singer with the most influence in this world

BTS has been named among the most influential people in the world by TIME Magazine on multiple occasions in the past. They even landed on the cover of its October 2018 issue.

After stating his dreams, Suga continued, “It’d be nice if this all becomes true; however, there’s still possibility that they won’t. Therefore it’s not easy to talk about it out loud like this“.

We couldn’t be any prouder of BTS for achieving their dreams! They can only go up from here.

Source: @kooktamin