BTS Suga’s Reaction To J-Hope’s Hip On Full-Thrust Will Always Be Relatable AF

Same, Suga, same.

BTS‘s World Tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself [The Final] concert is more lit than ever, as members pour their hearts out on to the stage knowing that their global adventure is almost at its end. All of their performances are doubled in energy and ARMYs have a blast watching the members really turn up the heat!


That being said, during the performance of “Baepsae” (Silver Spoon), J-Hope did what he always does: He wowed the audience with some of his best dance moves, including the signature hip thrust.


Except, for this concert, his thrusts were extra thrust-y. J-Hope really put his hip into action and became a crowd pleaser…


… while Suga watched in the back, in utter shock.


Suga was speechless by J-Hope’s viciously thrusty moves…


… and ARMYs have never related harder. Fans are rolling on the floor laughing at Suga’s precious reaction to J-Hope’s mega sexy hips!