BTS’s Suga Reveals How Exactly “SUGA’s Interlude” Came To Exist In This World

“When I heard she asked for me, I wasn’t sure…”

What has summoned BTS‘s Suga back to the group’s official live broadcast channel? His collaboration with Halsey, “SUGA’s Interlude” that recently dropped!


In a broadcast titled the same, Suga playfully explained that he wanted to celebrate the work with ARMYs — after seeing how Halsey already had.

I saw that Halsey did a live… and explained and reviewed the song and everything but I didn’t, so… (chuckles) I felt like I needed to do this too.

— Suga


He then shared that he was extremely satisfied with how the song turned out so well, so quickly.

It came out pretty well. It came out really quickly too. But all in all, when it dropped, I felt good about the song…

— Suga


According to Suga, he and Halsey never met in person to discuss the direction of the song and actually work on the track together. The experience, however, was refreshing for Suga.

Though we never got together to talk about the song… That’s the time we live in now. We benefited from the generation. Anyway, it was fun working on the track.

— Suga


At first, Suga was not sure about the collaboration because he didn’t feel confident about his English…

When I heard she asked for me, I wasn’t sure. I was like, ‘Me? But I don’t know how to rap in English?’ She told me it’s okay and that I could rap in Korean.

— Suga


… but, as put in his own words, the language barrier didn’t stop him and Halsey from putting out one of the most insightful tracks that is “SUGA’s Interlude”.

I wanted to thank Halsey for letting me work with her. I should have, when I met her at Jingle Ball, but then I couldn’t because I don’t speak English!

— Suga


He also revealed that a large portion of the song had been written years ago. The masterpiece had been brewing in the works for a while…

The song had been written a while ago actually. I had the beats done… two years ago? And I let Halsey hear it, which she liked, so we started working on it. The song originally had a lighter vibe to it. But in the process of rearranging, it became a lot more minimalistic.

— Suga


… until Halsey came along and everything fell right into place! Thus, the song was born — and it continues to remain on chart, reaching out and comforting millions of listeners.

Listen to “SUGA’s Interlude” here: