BTS’s Suga Said Jungkook Is RM’s “Forever Little One”, Now Nobody Is Okay

Suga’s handwritten FESTA profile for RM has ARMYs crying happy tears.

If you haven’t been hit in the feels yet, come with me. It’s time.

Each year, BTS posts new profiles for their annual FESTA celebration. These profiles always have facts, goals, funny comments, and more.

For 2020 FESTA, each member wrote another member’s profile for him. RM‘s profile was penned by Suga, and it’s 100% accurate!

In this section, Suga wrote down what he thinks each member means to RM. To RM, Suga is the person he has been with from the start. (They were the first members to join BTS.) Jin is RM’s eldest brother, J-Hope is his friend, Jimin is his younger brother who acts like a cute kid, and is his younger brother who is full of wonder/surprises.

Suga described Jungkook as RM’s “forever makdoongie” (“maknae”, meaning “youngest”, but written cutely). This can also be interpreted as, “forever little one”. Cue the tears!

These two members have had a special bond since day one. Jungkook once described RM as his first and last role model, and Jungkook is RM’s eternal maknae (no matter how old he gets!)

Fans are, and I quote, “absolutely devastated,” about this, and who can blame them?

The love! The nostalgia! I’m not crying; RM must be cutting onions again!

Here’s to many more years of this one of a kind friendship!