A Guide To BTS’s FESTA And Muster For New ARMYs

Here’s everything you need to know about these annual events.

If you’re new to the BTS fandom, June is going to be a very busy (and possibly confusing) month. To make things easier, here is a quick guide to FESTA and Muster!


Right now, FESTA celebrations are in full swing, but “baby ARMYs” might be wondering what FESTA is and how it differs from another BTS event, Muster.

FESTA is an anniversary event that celebrates BTS’s June 13, 2013 debut. The celebration begins with an opening ceremony on June 1, and it typically ends around two weeks later. Think of it as Christmas in June. During this time, BTS spoils ARMY with new content such as photos, videos, and songs.

All FESTAs, aside from the first FESTA in 2014, have begun with “opening ceremonies”. This year’s opening ceremony was commemorated with an “Airplane Pt. 2” music video, filmed in Saipan in 2018.

Another FESTA staple is the “family portrait”. These fun (and often dorky) photos show BTS’s playful side. Photos from an additional, themed photoshoot are typically released after the family portraits.

Each year, BTS also releases profiles with goals and comments written by the members.

Other gifts include subunit content, choreography videos, and new music videos. BTS also hosts a birthday dinner party, where they talk about their past year and celebrate their anniversary.


If you joined the fandom within the past year, FESTA and Muster might be especially confusing because they are both happening in June. Pre-2019 Musters were held in November, January, and March.

For this event, BTS “musters” their troops (aka ARMY) for what can be described as a fan meeting combined with a concert. Whereas FESTA is a virtual event dedicated to BTS, Muster is an in-person event for ARMY.

Each Muster comes with a new, unique theme. Last year’s Muster was inspired by BTS’s song “Magic Shop”, as seen in this teaser image.

The number of Muster concerts has increased over the years. The first and second Musters consisted of one concert in Seoul, whereas the third and fourth Musters had two concerts each. BTS’s 5th Muster had a total of four concerts, held on June 15-16, and June 22-23 in 2019.

The setlist for Muster concerts is a mix of the old and new. Some of the songs have never been performed during BTS’s tours, or if they have been, it was years ago. This makes Muster an ideal time for new fans to get to know the old BTS, and for old fans to relive their favorite eras.

BTS performing “Spinebreaker” at their 5th Muster.

Both FESTA and Muster are sure to brighten your quarantine life, so mark your calendars, get your ARMY bombs ready, and have fun!

Jin, V, and J-Hope at BTS’s 3rd Muster.