Suga Explains Why He Doesn’t Think a “Second BTS” Will Ever Exist in K-Pop

Wise words from Suga.

BTS recently held a global press conference to commemorate their new album, “Map of the Soul: Persona” where they answered many questions to relieve the public’s curiosity.

In particular, Suga shared his honest thoughts on his juniors aiming to be a “second BTS” or working towards becoming just like them.

Suga started off with, “I don’t think a second BTS or a second anything will ever exist. I had many heroes that I wanted to be like one day, but I became BTS instead.

He added, “I feel like it’d be much cooler if another great artist came about instead of something like a second BTS.

It sounds as though Suga hopes his juniors will find their own paths and work towards their own development rather than setting BTS as their goal.

It’s hard not to admire Suga for showing pride in BTS and a sense of modesty at the same time while also providing words of motivation for the juniors who are also striving to succeed.

Source: Insight