BTS Suga’s Sexiest Look May Be His Most Effortless

Only Suga could take the simple look and make it so sexy 🥵

When it comes to BTS‘s stage outfits, Suga doesn’t have any problems making them look sexy.


Even so, there’s one look that never fails to drive fans crazy and far more effortless than you’d think.

While fans shared their excitement for the new season of BTS’s In The SOOP, ARMYs couldn’t forget about Suga’s sexy outfit that still lives rent-free in everyone’s mind. A simple white t-shirt never looked so sexy until Suga pulled it off.

Between the deep scoop-neck and the slightly loose fit, the t-shirt highlighted Suga’s slim figure and muscular arms in a way that left ARMYs “drooling” and calling the sexy look their “weakness.” Fortunately, it looks like fans won’t have to wait much longer to see more of the look from Suga.

In teaser photos for the upcoming season of In The SOOP 2, Suga brought the look back with his blond hair. He’ll definitely have everyone looking forward to more of the simple yet sexy look.