BTS’s Suga Spots the Ultimate Love of His Life on Set

There was only one thing on Suga’s mind.

BTS recently shared a YouTube video of Suga discovering the love of his life during his break on set.

In the shared footage, Suga hurried over to a table of spicy rice cakes as soon as he got a break from shooting.

Suga immediately grabbed a cup of spicy rice cakes and sat down for a delicious eating show.

What especially stood out was how happy Suga looked while he enjoyed his favorite food.

In the past, Suga expressed his undying love for spicy rice cakes on various shows.

In one live broadcast, Suga confessed that spicy rice cakes are the one thing he can’t stop eating.

With other food, I can stop eating whenever I want. But I don’t think I can ever stop eating spicy rice cakes.

– Suga

And in another radio show, Suga was asked what his favorite food was, to which he responded without any hesitation.

I really like spicy rice cakes.

– Suga

Following yet another proof that Suga absolutely loves spicy rice cakes, fans are responding with comments such as “It’s so cute that he looks for spicy rice cakes during his precious break” and “It’s very consistent of him to still like spicy rice cakes“.


Source: Insight