Here’s BTS’s Suga Struggling Dramatically Through Nearly Every Challenge

It just wasn’t his day.

In a previous Run BTS! episode, BTS’s mission was to create their own content for a future episode of the show. As a result, they made the final choices to play 777 lucky seven and tennis. In the most recent episode, they went through with their 777 lucky seven games!

| Weverse

For this game, the member who finished all the games first would be able to go home, and the second oldest member Suga just didn’t seem to have the luck he needed! From throwing a whole tantrum at the bouncy ball game…

…to losing against J-Hope for the bottle cap game…

…and the card throwing game…

…it just wasn’t a lucky day for Suga! But luckily, his spirits returned after finally putting the ball into the cup! (Side note: He’s not angry, he’s just very happy that he succeeded!)

Here’s another recap of Suga being dramatic throughout the entire game!

Although he must’ve been frustrated throughout the whole game, it doesn’t hide the fact that he’s so cute when he’s throwing tantrums!