BTS’s Suga Used “Playing Possum” As His Survival Strategy

His battle tactics reflect his personality.

BTS‘s Suga is proving that you don’t need to be the strongest or the swiftest to survive.


In Episode 88, BTS continued their sticker tagging game from the previous episode. While Jimin was being driven bananas by Jin‘s mind games, Suga was slinking (waddling?) through the shadows.


In the previous episode, Suga channeled his inner kitty to sneak up on his target, Jin, but this time he summoned a different spirit animal: the mighty opossum.


To prevent sneak attacks, Suga did what only Suga would do; he lay down on the ground. His cameraman was dumbfounded.


Was this a lazy plan? Definitely. Was it a genius plan? Absolutely. Nobody could sticker his back if he was lying on it!


When faced with a threat, RM followed in Suga’s possum pawprints. Hiding and covering is the way to go!


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