BTS’s Suga Once Talked About His Charms…And Jimin Had A Savage Response

Jimin couldn’t help but tease Suga!

While BTS‘s Jimin usually is the one getting teased by his members, there have been many moments where he was a complete savage.

BTS’s Jimin

When BTS guested on an episode of Star Show 360, Suga spoke a bit about his charms, and Jimin decided to playfully tease him.

BTS’s Suga

During the episode, host Tak Jae Hoon revealed that his daughter is a big fan of Suga and that her dream is to marry him.

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After this got revealed, Suga got asked what he thinks his charms are.

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Suga got honest and shared that he’s a “bit of a maniac“, and the members just laughed at this statement.

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Suga believes that people who like him are somewhat abnormal and are into different things.

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He also gave a humble response when he stated that he’s “not that handsome or special in any way“.

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After Suga stated this, Jimin got playful and stated that Suga is “very well aware of himself“.

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Here’s the full video below!