BTS’s V Refused To Leave Suga Alone, Until He Did This

V proved just how adorable stubborn he can be.

BTS‘s V has a loveable stubborn streak, and he recently used it to get something he really wanted from Suga.


On March 9, Suga celebrated his birthday with ARMY by hosting a live stream. Less than 10 minutes into the broadcast, crashed it.


After hanging out with Suga and ARMY for a while, V said goodbye…


…then suddenly changed his mind! On his way out, V had said, “I love you” to Suga. Suga had replied with “thank you”, and that just wasn’t good enough for V!


V wanted to know why Suga didn’t say anything like “I love you” in return. Suga tried to brush it off, but V wasn’t having it. V kept pestering Suga to say the words he wanted to hear, and eventually…


…Suga said them.


In fact, he said them twice! When V left (for real!), he playfully asked Suga to repeat himself. This time, Suga didn’t hesitate to say “I love you”, bringing happiness to V and ARMYs all around the world.


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