BTS’s Suga Wanted To Quit His Dreams When He Was A Trainee, But Ended Up Continuing Due To One Person

Suga’s had one tough journey to debuting.

BTS‘s journey to stardom is one to be admired, as all the members had to deal with tough situations on their road to debuting.

Mnet‘s TMI News decided to take a brief look at Suga‘s journey to debuting and found that Suga had a tough journey getting to where he is now.

When Suga was in 6th grade, he decided to become a rapper after he heard Epik High‘s “Fly”.

From that moment on, music became Suga’s life, and he decided to go to Seoul with the dreams of becoming a producer. He would eventually become a trainee at Big Hit Entertainment.

While he was in Seoul, he struggled financially. He often had to decide if he wanted to use whatever money he had on food or for the bus.

Even though Suga was selling songs at the time, he often got scammed.

While he was a trainee, Suga had to work part-time jobs since he didn’t have enough money to support himself, and he had to pay his tuition fees.

When Suga was working as a delivery man, he ended up getting into an accident that damaged his shoulder.

The doctor told him that he shouldn’t do any activities that could strain his shoulder.

Due to the injury and all his financial problems, Suga decided that it would be best if he were to quit being a trainee.

However, Bang Si Hyuk stopped Suga and told him that he was willing to wait for his shoulder to heal. He even paid for Suga’s entire tuition fees so that he didn’t have to worry so much about money.

Due to Bang Si Hyuk’s kindness, Suga stayed at Big Hit Entertainment. Bang Si Hyuk is also the reason why Suga became a BTS member rather than a producer, which ended up being a great decision!

Here’s the full video below!