BTS’s Suga Lost A Battle With His Worst Enemy…Water

“Lil Meow Meow” showed everyone why kitties hate getting wet.

Fire, air, earth, water: Suga knows which one of these four elements isn’t his.


In Episode 83 of Run BTS!BTS got wet and wild at their “Happy Summer” outing. They broke into two teams and played water sports. Some of the members did swimmingly…others, not so much.


Suga started losing his battle with water right from the start. First of all, it was too cold.


Secondly, he’s not a speed swimmer…


…and J-Hope let everyone know it!


Try as he might, Suga failed over and over again to block RM‘s serves.


When he finally did block one, he went under!


Even getting out of the pool was a struggle.


As for tubing…It could have gone better.


Water: 1. Suga: 0. Maybe he should just stick with “FIRE”!