BTS’s Suga Once Went To Super Junior-M Zhou Mi’s House…At 1 AM

Suga is quite a unique person!

One celebrity that BTS‘s Suga is quite close to is Super Junior-M‘s Zhou Mi, and during an interview, Zhou Mi shared just how close they are.

BTS’s Suga
Super Junior-M’s Zhou Mi

Zhou Mi shared that Suga knows the password to his house in Korea.

Zhou Mi used to live near BTS, so Suga would often come to his house.

A lot of times, Suga would come without notice. There was even a time when Suga came to Zhou Mi’s house at 1 AM!

Zhou Mi was sleeping when he suddenly heard someone ring his doorbell. He was confused, as there was no way it could have been a delivery.

When Zhou Mi looked through the peephole, he saw Suga.

Zhou Mi ended up opening the door and asked Suga why he didn’t call to let him know that he was coming, and Suga responded with, “Oh, I just wanted to come here to hang out“.

Here’s the full video below!