BTS Suga’s Message To Members Shows Just How Soft-Hearted He Really Is

Suga is sweet like sugar.

Although BTS‘s Suga may come off as a bit intimidating at first due to his quiet yet fierce personality, it is known among fans just how much of a sweetheart he is towards the members. His music and rapper status may shock you with his savage vibes, but he’s really just a cat trapped inside a human body. Let’s take a look at how he feels about the other guys.


“I know that you are already doing your best as the leader of the group. I know that you have many worries and I hope that you can let down some of them…all the pressure you’ve had to deal with, I hope that you can share share it with the rest of us.”


“‘Stop playing games’ is just a joke (haha). It’s fun watching you play games. Whenever I see you focused on your games I think, ‘Being able to be focused on something, having something you enjoy is a good thing.’ So you don’t have to stop playing games hyung.”


“You are always BTS’s mood-maker. But I worry that because you are always this image of J-Hope that you don’t have anyone to talk to when you are tired or feeling down. If you feel even a bit tired, hurt, or frustrated, please come and talk to us.”


“The level that you aim for is very high, but you are also someone who has the efforts that match up to that level. If you continue to do it like you are doing right now, one day you will reach the level that you are satisfied with. So please, just like now, don’t change and stay the way you are now.”


“I think you’ve grown quite a bit. I know just how hard you worked thus far, but I feel like you sometimes don’t think that about yourself. Maybe you’re too focused on what you are lacking and looking only at those complexes. Don’t spend too much time dwelling on mistakes from the past. It’s okay to be free.”


“You are the youngest, but you’ve suddenly grown up. Even though I’ve seen you grown up right next to you, it’s still for some reason interesting to me. I know just how hard you work so I hope that you will and always be as you are and always have been.”

From these messages you can see just how detailed and observant Suga is about his members. He understands each members’ personalities and sends messages of encouragement hoping that they will continue to be just as they are.

We hope that Suga can take his own advice and be able to lean on his members when he needs comfort as well!