BTS Suga’s Poem From Past “Run BTS!” Episode Resurfaces After Release Of Comeback Trailer

Suga has been talking about shadows all this time.

With the release of the “Interlude: Shadow” Comeback Trailer for BTS‘s comeback, fans have started to do their research in finding out the meaning and symbolism found in the video. Amidst all the theories, some fans found that the meaning behind the interlude stems back from a poem Suga read in an old episode of Run BTS Season 2.





This episode aired in July of 2018 as the last episode of Season 2. The members took turns reading poems they wrote themselves. Suga’s poem read,

Title: What A Relief

It’s already been five years since we debuted.

We were just boys with many dreams.

We had nothing, but now we have many things.

We were only dreaming, but now we are the dream for someone.

Life is full of choices and regrets.

I’m scared and so are we.

We dreamed of flying high up in the sky, but it’s too high and cold.

It’s hard to catch our breath. The brighter the light is on us, the bigger the shadow.

What a relief that we have seven members. What a relief that we have each other.






This segment of the show proved that this new comeback album theme was not just created for the album but was something that Suga had sincerely felt and experienced through his time with BTS.





A fan also compared the poem from the show, Suga’s verse from “Suga’s Interlude” and the “Interlude: Shadow” comeback trailer and found that everything connects to shadows.




Suga’s poem shows how consistent he has been in talking about their success and the side effects that come with it. He reveals how grateful he is to have all seven members by his side through this journey. This is a testament to the authenticity of their music as well as their innermost thoughts and fears.





Take a look at the new comeback trailer below!