BTS Superfan Oli London Revealed To Be In An Open Relationship, Despite Marrying Cardboard Cutout Of Jimin

His girlfriend revealed that they share the cardboard cutout of Jimin.

Earlier this year, BTS superfan Oli London revealed that he went to Vegas and married a cardboard cutout of Jimin.

Also in attendance of his wedding to cardboard Jimin was the woman believed to be his roommate, Angelique “Frenchy” Morgan, who is best known for stints on reality TV including appearing on Vh1‘s Rock of Love 2, I Love Money, and Channel 5‘s Celebrity Big Brother 14.


It has since been reported in the Daily Mail that Oli London, 33, and Frenchy Morgan, 44, are in a relationship and live together in London. French, like Oli, is a plastic surgery enthusiast and hopes to look like an anime doll. Collectively, they have spent about $322,500 USD on their surgeries.


After Oli’s wedding to cardboard Jimin, Frenchy revealed that she was jealous of the cutout by saying, “I was jealous when Oli married the cutout last year, but we share it now, and I’m even heading to Korea, to further my own dream of looking like a living doll.” As for what first brought them together, she shared that they bonded over their shared love of plastic surgery and Jimin.

I love getting it done too, and I bonded with Oli in 2018 over posting some pictures of Jimin, who I am in love with, and then suddenly Oli started bombarding me with messages saying he was also in love with Jimin.


Finally, Frenchy shared that she believes she and Oli are soulmates and revealed that they are in a “loving and understanding” open relationship.

Source: Daily Mail