BTS Superfan Marries Cardboard Cutout of Jimin in Las Vegas

“I’m so happy. Jimin is smiling, too.”

Oli London, who gained attention for undergoing multiple surgeries to look just like BTS‘s Jimin, recently announced that he married a cardboard cutout of the idol in Las Vegas.

Oli London is famous for paying over $100,000 USD to undergo over 15 operations just to look like his favorite idol.

He revealed that while he lived in Jejudo back in 2013, he fell completely in love with BTS after seeing a performance.

After that, he made extensive efforts to look just like Jimin.

He even appeared on a British TV show and called Jimin perfection.

Following his marriage with a cardboard cutout of Jimin, Oli London expressed his utmost joy.

I’m so happy. Jimin is smiling, too.

– Oli London

He even hinted that this may not be the end of his relationship with “Jimin”.

Jimin is my idol. I spent a lot of money to look like him, and now I’m even married to him. I don’t know what I might do next with him. This is the happiest day of my life.

– Oli London

Oli London will be appearing in this week’s Dr. Phil to talk about this very topic.

BTS Superfan Oli London to Appear on Dr. Phil

Source: Insight