BTS Is Keeping RM’s “God Of Destruction” Reputation Alive In 2020

It’s been 7 years, but BTS’s clumsy leader still can’t break free of this.

It’s 2020, but BTS‘s RM still can’t live down his “God of Destruction” reputation!

For the past seven years (and probably more), BTS’s leader has been cursed with clumsiness.

He’s basically Midas, but instead of gold, everything he touches turns to broke!

No matter how much he tries, RM can’t control his mighty “powers”.

In a recent live broadcast, RM expressed the desire to improve his already impressive English skills. When J-Hope said, “I thought RM mastered everything,” Jimin pointed out RM’s chronic clumsiness.

“Please learn how to not destroy things,” he said…

…and RM’s expression was priceless!

To add insult to injury, Suga jokingly suggested that RM should study physics…

…but Jin explained why that wouldn’t work at all!

In the end, RM decided to proceed with caution by studying English more.

It’s the safest choice!