Test Your ARMY Eye: There Is Jungkook In This GIF Of BTS’s V By Himself

Can you spot him?

The latest episode of Bon Voyage season 4 captured BTS members discussing what to do on their trip to New Zealand.


As they went about pitching different ideas, hiking made it on the list! The episode teased viewers with a bit of footage from their dream-come-true hiking adventure — although Suga was seen regretting his decision to walk “a couple of hours”.

I am regretting this~

— Suga


And it included this short moment of awe, featuring J-Hope, V, and Jungkook being enchanted by the nature’s grand sight.


And as V-biased ARMYs zoomed in on that equally-awesome visual, their keen eyes noticed something so completely UWU! While at a glance, it might look like V is alone in this GIF, there is Jungkook here with V — can you spot him?


Look no further. Jungkook’s now-gone long hair, in all its glory dearly remembered by ARMYs, was flowing in the breeze while casting a shadow on V’s white shirt!


Talk about these two being inseparable, huh?


ARMYs can’t get enough of these BTS moments in Bon Voyage and look forward to the next episodes to come! The series can be purchased for viewing on Weverse.