BTS Tested Their Typing Speeds On “Run BTS!” — Here Are Their Rankings From Slowest To Fastest

Can you guess the order?

At the beginning of Episode 133 of Run BTS!, the boys went head to head to see who has the fastest typing skills in the group. Hilariously, the member with the slowest score was given a huge penalty!

Suga sat out for this episode, so the ranking only includes the other six members. Check out their scores from slowest to fastest below!

6. Jungkook

Out of everyone in the group, Jungkook had the slowest typing score at 4,555 points.

Because he came in last, he was given a hilarious handicap for the rest of the game—a gigantic keyboard!

And yes, he could only type properly by carefully punching each gigantic key. One finger is normally all that is needed to press a key, but Jungkook had no choice but to use an entire hand!

5. J-Hope

J-Hope came in next with a total score of 7,473. With that number, he landed at fifth place among the members.

4. V

Following J-Hope, V scored a respectable 9,915 points, placing him fourth in the group.

3. Jimin

At first, Jimin joked that he got a score of 26,880, much to the surprise of his members.

RM quickly peeked at Jimin’s laptop, disbelief written all over his face…only to see that his score was actually 10,688! Needless to say, it was much lower than the number he originally said.

2. Jin

At second place was none other than BTS’s oldest hyung Jin! He scored 13,288 points in total, almost three times what Jungkook got.

1. RM

Finally, the member of BTS with the fastest typing skills is leader RM! He scored a total of 14,343 points, easily placing him in first place.

At the start of the episode, Jin claimed that RM “prepared to get a stenographer license.” Although RM replied that it was just a rumor, he could probably do it now and pass with flying colors!

Were you able to guess the final ranking?


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