This ARMY Has An Entire Room Dedicated To Solving BTS Theories

This ARMY detective revealed his jaw-dropping “theory room”.

BTS fans have been trying to unravel the mysteries of the “BTS universe” for years, but one dedicated fan is way ahead of the game. Twitter user sidd (@islesetglaciers) has an entire room just for solving BTS theories!

On January 18, sidd shared this video of his theory room, which looks like something out of a police K-Drama. The walls are plastered with BTS photos, music video screenshots, and notes connected by strings of yarn.


The room may look chaotic, but sidd has a system to keep things organized. He uses over 40 different kinds of yarn to make his connections, and each color has a specific meaning.


This key for the yarn keeps tracks of everything from the BTS members to their motifs, symbols, and eras.


sidd also has a copy of Demian, the inspiration for BTS’s “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” that is marked with a rainbow of post-its.


The room took sidd about two months to put together, and now he’s run out of space to tie in BTS’s newer content.


Fans are marveling at his dedication, and they would love to know what secrets he’s uncovered so far.


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