BTS Members All Think Highly Of Jin As The Best Hyung Ever, Except Jungkook

That maknae Jungkook!

In an interview done for the Japanese ARMYs, BTS members revealed what they think about Jin being the oldest member and when he truly feels like a hyung (older brother). The members left heartfelt messages praising Jin for having been the “adult figure” throughout the years.


RM pointed out that he appreciates Jin’s “hyung-ness” when he takes some of the burden off RM’s shoulders as a leader. Jin continues to help RM lead the group by sometimes stepping in and taking charge, as a hyung to his little brothers.

When we’re talking things over, and he steps up to say some things before I do, he feels like an older brother to me.

— RM


V also thought Jin boasts his hyung side when he speaks on behalf of the entire group to the agency. While Big Hit Entertainment and CEO Bang Si Hyuk are known to be super communicative with BTS, it is still an agency-to-group relationship and sometimes can be difficult. Jin, as the oldest, will often take responsibility and represent the members when such occasions arise!

[He feels like a hyung] when he takes our opinions, organizes them nicely, and delivers them to the agency.

— V


J-Hope believed that Jin’s hyung-side shines when decisions have to be made and J-Hope can’t quite do it on his own. As the older (and thus perhaps even wiser) member, Jin advises J-Hope when calls have to be made.

When I can’t tell if something is right or wrong, Jin will tell me. He leads me [to the right decision].

— J-Hope


For Suga, who is only three months apart from Jin age-wise, Jin isn’t too much a hyung — but nonetheless, Jin inspired Suga with his caring nature. Suga commented that he is touched by how well Jin “looks after the kids”.

He and I are only three months apart… but when he takes care of the members, in so many ways, [he feels like a hyung].

— Suga


Jimin indirectly thanked Jin for being the mood picker-upper. According to Jimin, Jin is often found being a silly goose — but it is that playful nature that keeps the members together, even when things aren’t necessarily so playful.

[He feels like a hyung] when he’s playing around. He’s the oldest, but looks like the youngest.

— Jimin


And Jungkook, the cheeky maknae, let his youngest spirit live with a sassy little comment that Jin doesn’t feel much like a hyung these days.

There isn’t much these days [that makes him feel like a hyung]! (Laughs)

— Jungkook


ARMYs know though, the fact that Jungkook can and does make these playful jokes about Jin surely serves as Jungkook’s actual answer: Jin is the most understanding and loving hyung, especially to Baby JK!

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Source: THEQOO