BTS and TWICE Enter The Top 10 On Billboard’s Youtube Chart

BTS‘s “Not Today” and TWICE‘s “Knock Knock” have made it onto Billboard’s Youtube chart for their incredible amount of views.

BTS and TWICE are among the most influential K-Pop groups this year and have secured themselves a number of promotional collaborations, so it’s no wonder they’ve made it to the top of this list as well.

BTS has, in fact, made its way onto the Billboard charts more than any other K-Pop group. The fact that “Not Today” is a side track for the group and yet is competing at the same level as other artists’ title tracks makes this feat all the more impressive. The speed at which BTS piles up views is quicker than any artist worldwide.

TWICE has been at the top of the girl group pack since the beginning of 2017, so it’s no surprise to see them holding the 8th spot with their newest track.

BTS’s “Not Today” and TWICE’s “Knock Knock” took the 10th and 8th spots on the chart respectively. 


Check out record breaking “Knock Knock” and “Not Today” below:


Source: Billboard Billboard Chart