BTS, EXO And TWICE’s Stylist Shares How To Create Voluminous Hair When You Suffer From Hair Loss

Try it yourself!

While stylist to the stars, Park Nae Joo, may not be able to actually cure hair loss, he sure can help you look like you aren’t suffering from it! As the head stylist and founder of Bit n Boot, a premium salon that serves BTS, EXO, TWICE and more, his tips and tricks are definitely worth following.

Park Nae Joo shared how to create voluminous hair even when your hair is thinning out.

He shared that rather than using a hair dryer or rollers…

…one should be using flat irons instead!

The reason is that any moisture in the hair will weigh it down, something people with thin hair can’t afford to have while creating volume.

A secret tip idol stylists use is corrugated tongs.

He recommends one with a narrower plate to create more detailed volume.

Start by sectioning the crown into three portions…

…lift the hair section by section and crimp it…

…just like this!

The effect is instantaneous. However, you should only do this on the inner side of your hair.

After you’re done creating volume using the crimper on the crown, use a flat iron to pull up the outer side of the hair.

The result is a huge boost in volume.

For those still concerned with hair loss, he recommends using a hair cushion to cover up balding spots.

Here’s the before and after!

More volume on the crown can help lengthen a short and round face. Check out the full process below.