BTS And TXT Prove That Magic Runs In The BigHit Family

These brother groups are showing off their magician skills.

BTS and TXT are two very different Big Hit Entertainment groups, but some things just run in the family…like magic!


When BTS first started doing magic tricks back in 2013, they may have unwittingly started a BigHit family tradition.


Recently, at BTS’s LOVE YOURSELF concert in Hong Kong, the Golden Magician Jungkook amazed fans (and his members) with some sleight of hand.


The trick involved locking his hands together…


…then pulling one hand through the other.


On April 4, TXT uploaded a new [T:TIME] video entitled What a fancy hand-magic by MAKNAEs!. In it, the TXT members try out the same trick Jungkook did on stage. Leader Soobin couldn’t quite get the hang of it at first…


…but TXT’s youngest members, Taehyun and HueningKai were total pros!


Maybe the “m” in magic stands for “maknaes”?


Check out the video below: