BTS And TXT’s Ways Of Learning Pottery: The Chaotic And The Calm

Whatever BTS is making, it’s definitely hilarious.

BTS and TXT are more than Big Hit Entertainment‘s representative boy groups. Along the way, they’ve truly become as close as family, or rather Jimin‘s precious “babies.”

Because of that, fans couldn’t help but be reminded of BTS’s adventures in pottery when seeing TXT sit down for a session in their newest To Do X Tomorrow X Together episode.

Let’s start with the calm before the storm. TXT were completely relaxed. They took their time as they flattened their base with a pin and quietly rolled some more clay into a long roll. Everything was going according to plan.

Taehyun was so focused on smoothing his clay that he moved closer, using a paintbrush to smooth out the edges and form the shape he wanted.

Hueningkai was doing the same with this paintbrush. Yeonjun opted for a thin stick and even used his finger to meld the clay just right. They didn’t need to say a word. On the flip side, BTS were the definition of chaotic.

J-Hope didn’t hold in shaping his clay. He took his palms and pounded it into oblivion, rounding the pile. RM was just as forceful. Instead of making his clay pile round, he slapped the sides in a way that formed it into a mini mountain. Of course, they couldn’t stay quiet, adding sound effects.

When another member was shaping some clay on a spinning slab, it really became chaotic. It managed to escape his hold.

Using one hand to hold the top and another to smooth the side, it just spiraled out of control. The funny new shape required the professional to come and fix it.

The difference in how they learned to do pottery was absolutely hilarious. Since TXT are now part of the Big Hit Entertainment family, some fans have joked that they’ll be just as chaotic as BTS in no time at all.

Only time will tell. Watch the two funny ways to play with pottery here. When doing art, are you as relaxed as TXT, energetic like BTS, or a mix of both?