BTS’s Jimin Calling TXT “Babies” Will Melt Your Heart With How Caring He Is

The first thing he took into account was how the “babies” would feel.

BTS‘s Jimin takes every chance to show how fond he is of their juniors in TXT, like the adorable interaction he had with Taehyun that brought a bright smile to his face.

In his latest live broadcast, Jimin revealed a few new things about himself, like his ultimate dream. What everyone hadn’t been expecting was another sweet moment for him and the members of TXT.

Providing fans with something they could focus on and enjoy, taking their minds off everything that’s happening in the world, Jimin recommended quite a few movies to watch like the classic The Notebook.

That’s when there was something Jimin wanted to do, asking, “Should I write it down?” He then looked around for something to write on and found it. There was one little problem. With a concerned expression, he cutely said, “But, these belong to the babies.”

Reaching in front of him, Jimin rifled through the material that was there to find something else to use. He pointed out why he couldn’t write on them: “These papers… I think these are Yeonjun‘s. I can’t use these.”

Although the group may not have missed a piece of paper, Jimin wouldn’t resort to taking it from them, even if it was something so small. Using the term of endearment once more, he mused, “Hm… I can’t just take the babies’ papers.”

Even when fans had commented that he should write on the paper anyway, Jimin wasn’t having it. With a warm smile, he stopped them in their tracks: “Oh, stop.”

No one can interfere with how much Jimin cares for the members of TXT. From calling them “our kids” to “babies,” there’s no mistaking his soft spot for them and how much of a family they genuinely are.

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