BTS’s V Did Something Kind For 2AM’s Jinwoon Before His Enlistment

V’s thoughtfulness warmed his heart.

2AM‘s Jinwoon shared a small but sweet act of kindness BTS‘s V did for him just ahead of his enlistment.


On March 4, Jinwoon headed out to the Nonsan Army Training Center to begin his required military service.


Many fans were there to support him with their well-wishes, but they weren’t the only ones with Jinwoon on their minds. V was thinking of him too!


In an Instagram live, Jinwoon said that V called him to wish him farewell. V told Jinwoon to go and come back safely, and Jinwoon expressed how thankful he was for that call.


V’s thoughtfulness touched Jinwoon’s heart just like it’s touched the hearts of V’s fans. Like ARMY says, V truly is an angel from above!