BTS’s V Has What It Takes To Be An Action Movie Star

One day, ARMY could see him starring in his own film.

When you think “action movie star” and “BTS“, Jungkook probably comes to mind, but he’s not the only member who has what it takes!


made his acting debut in the 2016 historical K-Drama, Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth. His character, a sweet hwarang named Suk Han-sung, spent more time goofing around than sword fighting, but he did have action scenes too.


V has also flexed his action skills in BTS’s music videos and CFs.


If this wall jump from BTS’s 2016 Puma collab doesn’t scream “action hero”, what does?


Just imagine that stunt work combined with this badassery from BTS’s ARMY.ZIP teaser. V would be a force to be reckoned with!


Right now, V is dedicating his time to BTS’s activities, but maybe one day he’ll star in his own action flick. After all, with BTS anything is possible!