BTS’s V Proved, Once Again, That Angels Are Always On His Side

He looked for help in high places to win a game.

Every BTS member does everything in his power to win games. V, however, isn’t shy about asking for outside help!


V often calls upon a higher power to lead him to victory: angels! He clasps his hands together, praying for aid…


…and he never doubts their words. Whatever the angels say goes!


More often than not, angels lead V straight to victory…


…and Episode 4 of Bon Voyage 4 proves it. To choose their sleeping arrangements, BTS played the ladder game.


V said that the angels told him he would end up with Bed #2…


…and he was right!


V was thrilled, and he let everyone know it. He has friends in high places, and they’re always on his side!


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