BTS’s V Once Belly-Danced In The Middle Of Dubai — Here’s How It Happened

The members’ reaction is priceless!

BTS‘s V will do anything to make his members smile, which is why he took a hilarious opportunity during their vacation in Dubai.

| @Bangtan.Official/Facebook

When the group was asked for a belly-dancing volunteer, he didn’t hesitate to jump up and perform in front of the crowd!

After he was given the appropriate hip sash for dancing…

…he began to put on a hilarious (yet adorable!) performance.

The members became V’s number one fans and were loving every moment of the show!

The members watched as V shook his booty and grooved to the music…

…and filmed every second of the iconic dance!

This fun vacation moment will live on forever between V and the members.

You can always count on him for a great time!

| @Bangtan.Official/Facebook

Check out the full video of the classic moment below!