BTS’s V Had The Best Reaction To Jin Accidentally Calling Him ‘V Hyung’

“Look at them 😭”

BTS surprised ARMYs with a live broadcast on March 6 that was filled with moments that were absolute gold, including the way the members hilariously clowned ARMYs by making it seem like they were already ending the broadcast when ARMYs first opened the link.

But it wasn’t all intentional chaos! There was a moment that had fans feeling soft, and that was when V, the second youngest member, reacted to being called “V hyung” by Jin, the eldest member. As soon as they realized what he had said, J-Hope and Jungkook immediately burst out laughing, clearly amused by Jin’s mistake.


Jin’s own impatient reaction was hilarious as well. But V’s, on the other hand, was incredibly sweet. Rather than just laughing, V kissed the top of Jin’s head…

..and then kept his arm around his shoulders, seemingly trying not to laugh while Jin continued to grumble hilariously.

Jin’s impatience about the situation gave out and he finally stood up holding two lightsticks, while everyone else continued to be amused.

Inevitably, fans have been feeling soft over V’s reaction…

…from the way he kissed Jin’s hair…

…to the way he smiled at the incident.

Now that BTS’s vacation is over, ARMYs are being treated to more wholesome content and live broadcasts from the members, and this cute (and funny) moment was definitely a highlight so far!